Plano Lovepacs: Engaging communities to feed PISD children in need as an expression of Love.

Current Needs

We need the items below to fulfill the needs for the Spring Break Holiday!

Shortages: 1 Box per Child

3) 14 oz. Cans Corn
3) 14 oz. Cans Green Beans
3) 14 oz. Cans Mixed Vegetables
2) 14 oz Cans Fruit
1) 12 oz. Box of cereal
2) 14 oz. Cans Chef Boyardee
1) 14 oz. Can Pork and Beans
2) 14 oz. Cans Chili with Beans
1) 24-32 oz Jar of Jelly
1) 16 oz. Jar of Peanut Butter
1) 6 pack Applesauce Cups
2) Cups of Easy Mac
4) packets of Raman Noodles
2) packets Pop Tarts
4) Granola Bars
4) packets Oatmeal
1 box Animal Crackers or other snack item (approx. 10 servings)


$50 supports one child for the upcoming Lovepacs Pack or $10/month supports one child’s Lovepacs for the whole school year! Donate now & we will do the shopping for you!



Lovepacs relies on volunteers to donate their time. During various drives throughout the year we need individuals who are willing to sort, count, shelve, and pack inventory.


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Drop Off Locations

Aqua~Fit Swim & Fitness                                          Family Wellness Center                                           1400 Summit Ave.  D2  Plano  75074

B & B Furniture Consignment                                 3100 Independence  Unit 201  Plano 75075

Crave Popcorn                                                             4021 Preston Road  Suite 619  Plano 75093  

Expedia Cruise Ship Centers                                  9720 Coit Road Suite 200  Plano 75025


LifePoint Church                                                         4501 Hedgecoxe Road  Plano 75025

Hunters Glen Baptist Church                                  4001 Custer Road  Plano 75023

ParkwayHills Baptist Church                                  2700 Dallas Parkway  Plano 75093          

6900 Cannon Falls Dr, Plano, TX 75024, USA

2328 Cornwall Dr., Lewisville, TX 75056, USA

ParkwayHills Baptist Church

Dr. Jensen Office

Dr. Jensen Office

Dubs Tea and Water

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